5 Great TODO Apps for Mac

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There are plenty of great TODO apps out there. If you want stop procrastinating and become super productive, you probably should be using one of these desktop Mac apps.

The following list is my selection of 5 great TODO apps, designed for your Mac desktop.

1. Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists


Achieve clutter free productivity with this easy to use minimalistic app. Keep track of multiple TODO lists with this Mac app. You can give each list it’s own colorful style. All lists are synced with iCloud, so you can check off your taks on the go with the Clear app for iPhone and iPad

2. Things 2


Things 2 is a fully featured task manager which is influenced by the very popular Getting Things Done productivity method. Tasks can be ordered by project and area of responsibility, and tasks can be scheduled and tagged. Things is one of the first TODO apps that has support for the Yosemite/iOS8 Handoff. Make sure you also get Things for iPhone, so always know what to do next.

3. OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus is the TODO app for organised poweruser. Like Things 2 it’s also heavily influenced by the GTD method. Check on your upcoming days with Forecast Mode and keep your lists up to date with the Review Perspective. The Omnifocus 2 for iPhone looks iOS7 fresh and contains most of the power features of the Mac app.



TODO has all the features you expect of a mature task manager. The sharing and collaboration features make it a great pick if you to work on tasks with co-workers, family and friends. The user interface is effective, but not very polished. TODO can sync to multiple cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox and Toodledo.com.

5. 2DO


With 2DO you can keep your lists secret by password protecting the whole app, or just individual lists. The app doesn’t enforce a particular tasks management methodology and contains important features like checklists, projects, tagging, and cloud synchronisation. With smart lists you can create custom views of your tasks for increased oversight.

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