3 Best Pomodoro Timer Apps for iPhone

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There are plenty of Pomodoro apps out there, but only a few great ones. If you are a fan of the Pomodoro technique, you probably should be using one of these iPhone apps.

The following list is my selection of 3 great Pomodoro Timer apps, designed for iPhone.

Looking for Mac apps? Check out my 5 Great Pomodoro Timer Apps for Mac.

1. Pomodoro Timer

This Pomodoro timer looks IOS 8 fresh, making it the best looking app out of my selection. Not only can you can track your daily Pomodoro target in style, it comes with nice alarms and intergrates well with Notification Center.

2. Pomodoro Keeper

The Pomodoro Keeper visualizes your historical Pomodoro performance in pretty 14 and 30 days graphs. It’s Today Widget makes checking your progress even easier.

3. Focus Time

Focus time isn’t the most visually appealing app, but does offer you a detailed taks history and multi-device support with iCloud and Dropbox syncing. Pomodoro’s can be categorized, and the app keeps track how much tasks you’ve completed in each category.

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